If two people can create a connection in the first 30 seconds, then you know I saw you. Came forward with a handshake and I was pleased because I hadn’t moved an inch, it was all you. Not sure how many hands I’ve shaken, but the last one moved too…

“It’s just shy of arrogant,” she said with a smile, motioning to the previous comment she had made, invisible to her left, with the slight tilt of her head. “But,” she said, eyes wide with a dramatic pause, then a giggle, “who’d stop me if I was?” Her thoughts fluttered…

20 seemed to be a monumental thing
Written in early 2020

20 seemed to be a monumental thing months ago. But, upon arriving at the age, I waved it off. People were dying. I’d be silly to think my transformative change would tap me on the shoulder in the midst…

Written in early 2020

She creates comfort, the warmth of being oneself that he can surrender to. He can flip the switch and they can settle back into pattern, creating the same wave. She is an easy formula.

He is frozen in time. Hasn’t grown since that last night and…

She stretches her browned legs under the heat of the sun, the rays casting a silky warmth, the shadows cascading through the room. Her long auburn waves flow off the two-seater and flirt with the ground. She lifts them, as if to say, that’s not where you belong, as if…

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our

deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens


— Marianne Williamson

For a long time, I did not understand Williamson’s words. They angered me. Who the hell was…

Photo by Vishal Banik on Unsplash

Definitely a wreck.

I was definitely a wreck.

It’s so funny how people find you when you’re not doing too well. Thought I should’ve been avoided, was so caught up in my own extremes. But you; a friend. Calmer than a lake, collected like a river, a body of water…

— A thank you letter of sorts

Warm that day and I drove into town like I hadn’t seen it before
Because I hadn’t really, was new to this whole freedom thing
Night before I had cried because I couldn’t make my mind up
Questions about dinner turned into 30 minute insecurities
Never really…

Annika Dasani

Drama queen. Lover of white roses. Once forgot all forms of identification, but still made it to New York, so also a go-getter.

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